Organic sweeteners are becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious individuals seeking a healthier alternative to traditional sugar. They are made from natural ingredients, such as fruits, plants, and sap, and are free from harmful chemicals and additives.

At our woooys, we offer a wide range of organic sweeteners to cater to our customers’ varying needs and preferences. Our products include Organic Vellam, Karupatti, Sukku Karupatti, Pana Karkandu Nice, Panakarkandu Kal, Inji Marapa, Coconut Sugar, Nattu Sarkkarai, and Brown Sugar.

Organic Vellam is an unrefined sugar rich in nutrients and has a caramel-like flavour. Karupatti, on the other hand, is a traditional sweetener made from the sap of the palm tree and is known for its unique taste and health benefits. Sukku Karupatti is made from dried ginger and palm jaggery and is a natural remedy for coughs and colds. Pana Karkandu Nice and Panakarkandu Kal are both made from palm jaggery and are a healthier alternative to white sugar. Inji Marapa is a traditional sweetener made from ginger, while Coconut Sugar is a natural sweetener made from the sap of the coconut palm. Nattu Sarkkarai is an unrefined cane sugar that is packed with nutrients, and Brown Sugar is a healthier alternative to refined white sugar.

Our organic sweeteners are perfect for those who want to reduce their sugar intake and lead a healthier lifestyle. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes, including baked goods, beverages, and desserts.

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