Chicco Boppy Infinity Nursing Scarf (Silver)


The ideal scarf for breastfeeding anywhere, anytime – comfortably and elegantly in style

Recommended Age: 0 Month+

Generic Name: Scarf
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: China
Dimensions(in mm): L:145 x W:55 x H:170
Gross Weight (in gm): 308

Boppy Infinity Scarf allows for a Comfortable and guarded nursing possible anywhere. With its soft and light fabric, Boppy Infinity guarantees your baby the proper comfort during feeding, transforming itself into an elegant scarf if necessary. It comes with a panel mesh that is specially knit. The Boppy scarf allows you to maintain eye contact with your baby while breastfeeding and ensures proper airflow. In addition, it can be machine washed.

FEATURES of the product:-

1. Full coverage:- The boppy nursing scarf comes with 360 degree coverage and ensures a comfortable breast feeding anywhere and anytime.
2. Washable:- It can be washed in the machine quickly and will hold on to its quality.
3. Peek panel mesh:- The nursing scarf comes with a peek panel specially knit mesh on the top that allows you to maintain eye contact with your baby all through the process of feeding. It is only a see through mesh on the top, and the rest is entirely covered.
4. Adjustable strap:- The Boppy scarf comes with an adjustable strap that makes it easy for you to switch sides during breastfeeding and make it comfortable. Also, the rigid neckline makes it easy for you to hold it on without blowing away by wind or while walking.
5. It is lightweight and breathable: It is manufactured with a lightweight and ultra-soft breathable material that guarantees comfort.
6. Multi-purpose usage:- The baby nursing scarf comes with straps that can be easily folded into a single loop or a double loop scarf while not feeding. It makes you look stylish as well as proves as a two-in-one use.

Product description:-

The infinity scarf is the right choice for the mother to breast feed the baby anytime and anywhere while ensuring both privacy and comfort. The extra support on your neckline provides a wide range of support and eases while changing the sides. The babies are less distracted by the sound and light when the nursing scarfs are put on. It gives a better feeding to the baby and helps you bond well with your little one. You may need to feed with comfort while you are travelling with your family or friends. The feeding scarf can come to your rescue at this time.


This is a must have product for new moms.

● The Boppy nursing scarf, which is perfect for breastfeeding your baby while on-the-go, comes in free size. Hence it can be used by any mother comfortably.
● It reduces the risk of tightness inside and soothes the baby. If you are a person of fashion and responsibility, then our Boppy Nursing scarf is the best choice for you.
● You can open the scarf, turn it into a feeding cover during necessity, and later fold it into an elegant scarf. It can be a double infinity loop or a single loose scarf to cover the whole front part.
● The Chicco baby nursing scarf is made of an entirely soft and breathable fabric that guarantees a pleasant experience. It will make sure that neither you nor the baby faces any discomfort or sweat in the summers.
● The rigid neckline allows you to get the correct latch and peek panel mesh allows you to have a proper eye contact with the baby that helps you bond with him.
● The nursing scarf gives you privacy and comfort while feeding outside.
● The nursing scarf is stylish and comes in a soothing colour that provides an instant match with any outfit. More so, it helps to keep the baby calm while feeding, and the attractive scarf makes you look good.


Get Comfortable and discreet nursing anywhere with the Boppy Infinity Nursing Scarf. With its soft and light fabric, Boppy Infinity guarantees your baby the proper comfort during feeding, transforming itself into an elegant scarf if necessary. In addition, it can help you keep your baby protected during the winters as the air can be blocked and make it warm. And during the summers, the fabric is ultra-soft which makes it easy to breathe and at the same time shields your baby from the sun.


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