Magic Descaler | Tile cleaner | Rust stain remover (1000ml)



  • Removes limescale buildup from various surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances, and heating systems.
  • Helps to improve the efficiency and longevity of appliances by removing mineral deposits that can cause damage and reduce performance.
  • Can improve the taste and quality of water by removing hard water minerals that can affect the flavour and clarity.
  • Some magic descalers are eco-friendly and made with natural ingredients, reducing the impact on the environment.

 Magic Descaler is an acid-based descaler that helps remove salt scales and hard deposits. Feel the magic as this easy-to-use descaler brings out the lost colours of your taps, faucets, bathroom floor, and wall tiles.


Active Ingredient: Ortho-Phosphoric Acid

Other Ingredients: Non-ionic Surfactant, Corrosion Inhibitor, DM Water.

How to use:

  • For salt deposits: Spray on bathroom tiles and wall tiles. Scrub gently and wash to remove scales.
  • For Taps and Faucets: Spray on scaled taps and allow resting for 2 mins. Scrub gently to remove deposits.
  • For blocked water lines: To treat heavy deposits, dip a cloth in the solution and tie it around the faucets, allowing the solution to seep in. Rest for 3-4 hours.
  • Rust removal: Dilute 200 ml of solution in 1 litre of water. Immerse rusted parts in the solution and leave them overnight.

1000 ML, 5 LITRE


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