Chicco Anatomical Potty (18m+)


It is specially designed for children for the age group of 18M+. Ideal to accompany your child while making the transition from nappies to the toilet. The product is available in various colours such as green, pink, and light blue.

Recommended Age: 18 Months +

Generic Name: Potty Seat
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: Italy
Dimensions(in mm): L:300 x W:270 x H:260
Gross Weight (in gm): 407

A stable product, ergonomic in structure and has a high backrest to ensure your baby is comfortable and maintains the posture. It also has a splash guard, which prevents spills. It is easy to clean, carry, and comes with a practical handle, making it effortless for you.

Product Features-
●    Removable container:- The potty chair comes with a removable container which makes it easy for you to clean it after flushing the waste. It can be carried away from the place and prevents you from littering around.
●    Various availability of colours:- The product comes in different colours such as green, pink and light blue that make it attractive for your baby and gives them a choice to choose one of their favourites. It will also excite them to use as they have selected the colour by their wish.
●    Splash-guard:- The Chicco potty seat has a splash guard, which helps in preventing spillage. It makes the babies less irritated with the process.
●    Easy to clean:- It is effortless to clean as it is portable and lightweight. You can empty the waste into the commode and clean it and make it disinfectant.

Product description:-
Chicco potty seats come in plastic material and are specially designed for toddlers. It is a compact structure that makes it comfortable for your child to sit and use it. It is crucial to teach youngsters proper bathroom behaviour. For your baby’s transition from nappy to potty, you’ll need a comfy and handy potty seat. You can effortlessly and comfortably toilet train your child with the Chicco anatomical potty seat. It will make it much easier for you to introduce your youngster to an adult toilet in the future. Chicco’s potty has an anatomical shape and a splash guard, making it comfortable for your child. This potty seat is suitable for both boys and girls and will smooth the transition from diapers to potty.

Consumer benefits:-
You might need to introduce your baby to the use of the baby potty seat when you feel they are mature enough to do it by themselves. It is not going to be an overnight process and needs lots of patience. However, this process might take time and varies from child to child. Some may do it quickly, while others take quite a lot of time.

●    The baby toilet seat training can come with different types of chairs. Still, our Chicco has specially designed an anatomical chair that is portable and can be placed anywhere in the house according to your choice and timing.
●    This anatomical potty with a removable container is suitable for a baby’s transition from diapers to toilet training. It features a pleasant anatomical seat and a helpful splash shield.
●    It’s lightweight, features a carry handle, and a smooth, rounded surface that’s simple to clean.
●    The cleaning process of the baby potty pot is also straightforward. All you need to do is empty it and clean the chair. Letting it dry in the hot sun will also help eliminate bacteria and make it safe for the baby to use later.
●    The specially designed splash-guard helps them to avoid the mess that can occur.
●    The toddlers should eventually sit on the actual adult toilet. Take minimal effort, and this is going to be time for teaching them.
●    The modest size of potty chairs may make them more user-friendly for toddlers.
●    They are available in various colours, making them less daunting than a full-sized toilet.
●    When children need to go, they may swiftly sit on it rather than grabbing a step stool to reach a toilet seat.

Good to know:-
●    Purchase a baby’s toilet seater and make them understand this process slowly. It will help them to understand the process of potty gradually and in a better way.
●    Teach them how to sit on the chair for some time significantly or more a day which will be good training for them to understand. Please encourage them to do this until they know the actual concept and reward them for motivating them. Every time they use the baby’s training chair, praise them and give them credits to continue the same.
●    This whole process will take a lot of planning and may also take time for you to purchase the essentials. We offer our baby toilet seat trainer to your doorstep. The baby is habituated with the underwear and the diapers; you will have to make them overcome this by introducing to them the potty chair.

Warnings & Instruction

● Please read the label for all the instructions, warnings, and guidelines.
● Always clean the potty chair after use
● Do not leave your child alone with the chair


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