Chicco baby diaper box


Product Highlights

  • Nappy bin to prevent unpleasant odours.
  • Prevents foul smell in the room due to used diaper.
  • Patented design and innovative design does not escape odour.
  • Easy operation with 3 simple movements with just one hand.
  • Can be used with standard recyclable garbage bags.
  • Compact in size but can hold upto 25 nappies.
  • Easy to clean and dispose.

The Chicco diaper box helps in reducing the plastic use for each of the waste diapers.

The diaper box is designed to keep the smell shielded inside and not become porous.

Sophisticated seals and revolutionary technology gives a clean and odour free house. It almost smells like nothing after placing it inside.

When the bag is complete, it is simple to remove and dispose of, limiting the spread of foul odours.

The Nappy Bin is compact in size and has a modest footprint.

Direction of use:

  • Move the cover opening  to the top in ready  to use position in such a way that the cover remains open and visible at the top.
  • Place the nappy in the opening of the rotating cover and return the handle to the ready to use position.

To insert the plastic bag:

  • Remove the lid turning it counter clockwise.
  • The bag holder ring should stay hooked to the lid.
  • Insert a standard garbage bag or biodegradable bag (20-30 liters capacity) on the ring inside the bag holder.
  • Place the lid and turn it clockwise until fully tightened.
  • Place the handle in ready to use position.

To remove bag for disposing:

  • Remove the lid along with the bag holder ring, turning them counter clockwise with the help of the tab.
  • To avoid odours tighten the bag with one hand and pull the bag from the lid or unscrew the bag holder ring from the lid.

Safety information:

  • Avoid using single plastic bag to dispose single diaper to protect the environment.
  • Use recyclable and biodegradable garbage bags.
  • Do not flush the soiled diapers.


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