Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose


Suitable for 0 Months+; The Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose effectively disinfects everything that comes in contact with the baby. The Chicco Multi-purpose Disinfectant is effective against bacteria and fungi and comes with a no-smell formula!

Recommended Age: 0 Month+

Generic Name: Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Cholride Solution
Net Quantity: 1000ml,500ml
Country of Origin: India
Shelf Life: Best Before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

he Chicco Disinfectant is suitable for all baby utilities, metal or plastic. Not only these, but you can also use the Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose for disinfecting fruits and vegetables as well.

Product Features:
● Disinfects all baby utilities, metal or plastic, for 99.9% protection: The Chicco Disinfectant is Perfect for microbial decontamination of all baby utilities that come in contact with baby’s mouth – both metal and plastic products such as feeding bottles, nipples, small toys, soothers, tablewares, gum massagers etc.
● Disinfects fruits and vegetables for the baby and the entire family: It is a highly sanitizing disinfecting liquid that is perfect for microbial decontamination of fruits & vegetables for the little one and whole family
● Antibacterial and Antifungal properties: Highly effective against bacteria & fungi, thus offers microbial disinfection of baby utilities. Hence, it ensures complete disinfection of baby utilities.
● No-smell formula: It is hard to find a disinfectant that leaves no smell after disinfecting the baby’s utensils. But the Chicco Multi-purpose Disinfectant is a no-smell formulation that leaves the baby products clean and odourless!

Product Description:
The Chicco Multi-purpose disinfectant is the one-stop solution for disinfecting everything that comes in contact with your baby’s mouth. A thorough disinfection of objects that come in contact with the baby’s mouth is essential to keep the baby healthy and protected. Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose is a highly sanitizing disinfecting liquid, effective against bacteria and fungi that helps mothers take care of this need. It is perfect for microbial disinfection of everything that comes in contact with the baby such as- Plastic and metal utilities (feeding bottles, nipples, pacifiers, toys, tableware, gum massagers, etc.) and Fruits and Vegetables. Hence, it becomes useful not only for the baby but also for the whole family. It ensures hygiene and safety for the baby in 3 simple steps. Available in 1000ml and 500ml Bottle Packs.

Consumer benefits:
● With the Chicco Multi-purpose disinfectant, you can have a safe and sanitized environment for your baby.
● The Chicco disinfectant is suitable for disinfecting all baby utilities including fruits and vegetables (with peel) as well.
● A clean and sanitized environment keeps in check that the contact of bacteria and fungi is minimal around your baby.
● It is available as a travel-friendly bottle in two sizes – 500 ml and 1000 ml.
● It’s very convenient for parents to use in just three simple steps i.e. Soak, Dilute and Rinse. And after cleaning the objects with Chicco Disinfectant , parents can be assured to providing their babies with germ free utilities.
● The Chicco Disinfectant is formulated scientifically with a no-smell formula. It ensures there is no unpleasant smell after disinfecting the baby’s utilities, fruits, and vegetables.

Usage Instructions:
For fruits and vegetables:
1. Dilute Dose 2 of Chicco disinfectant multi-purpose in 1 litre of water.
2. Soak the fruits and vegetables in this solution for half an hour.
3. After washing your hands, remove the objects from the solution and rinse the baby utensils thoroughly with drinking water.

For feeding bottles, nipples, pacifiers, toys, tableware:
1. Dilute Dose 1 of the Chicco disinfectant multi-purpose in 1 litre of water.
2. Soak the plastic and metal utilities in this solution for an hour.
3. Remove the things from the solution after washing your hands.
4. After taking out the baby utensils, rinse them thoroughly with drinking water.

Good to know:
We at Chicco aim to deliver the best for your infants. A safe and hygienic environment is necessary to maintain the baby’s good health and protect him against bacterial and fungal infections. The Chicco Disinfectant Multi-purpose ensures that the baby utensils are clean and hygienic when they come in contact with the baby.

It makes sure that there is no problem while measuring and helps create the perfect solution for disinfecting the baby utensils (metal and plastic) and fruits and vegetables! The advantages of the Chicco Disinfectant are countless. Affordable price, 99.9% decontamination, no-smell formula, antifungal, and antibacterial properties make the Chicco Multi-purpose Disinfectant the best disinfectant available on the market. The scientifically created products loaded with premium features have made the Chicco baby products the first choice of parents for their little ones.

Warnings & Instruction:

● Keep out of reach of children.
● Keep the bottle in a cool and dry place.
● Do not keep the bottle in direct sunlight.
● Please read all the instructions and warnings printed on the label carefully before using the product.
● Do not use the Chicco disinfectant for purposes other than indicated.

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