Chicco Electric Breast Pump


Extract your milk wherever and whenever with ease – at home or travelling

Recommended Age: 0 Month+

Generic Name: Breast Pump
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: china
Dimensions(in mm): L:155 x W:100 x H:240
Gross Weight (in gm): 668
Electrical Requirements/ Specifications:

  • Input voltage: 5V or 2A
  • 3.7V 1100mAh lithium battery (In-Built and Non-replacable)
  • Appliance service life: 500 hours
  • Minimum operating time with battery: 90 minutes
  • Type of appliance: intermittent operation; 30 minutes ON – 30 minutes OFF
  • Operating conditions: Operating temperature: +5°C to +40°C

Chicco Portable Electric Breast Pump is a perfect solution for new age mothers that lets them extract and store their milk effectively and with utmost ease for their baby for times when they are not around.

  • Designed using two phase technology i.e. Stimulation and Expression – An initial stimulation phase with short and frequent suctions, followed by a second expression phase with longer and less frequent suctions to mimic the baby’s natural sucking pattern.
  • Gentle and Comfortable:  The ergonomically designed breast cup with soft silicone cover adheres gently and ensures soft contact on the breast skin for a comfortable extraction
  • Easy, Handy and Effective:  It has 5 different levels of intensity, both in stimulation and expression mode, such that you can select the level that suits you best, offering a personalized experience
  • Silent Light and Compact:  With a quiet motor for discreet experience. It’s very light, fits easily in a normal bag and can be taken everywhere.


  • This appliance and its components must not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain and other elements. The mains adaptor is for indoor use only and should therefore not be exposed to sunlight, rain or other elements.
  • If the appliance is used outdoors, it must be powered only by internal batteries and must not in any case be exposed to sunlight, rain or other elements.
  • The appliance must be powered at a safety low voltage.
  • Always place the appliance only on a flat, stable surface when used in order to avoid spillage and prevent it from falling, away from cribs and cots.
  • Do not place the appliance on delicate surfaces or surfaces that may be sensitive to humidity and heat.
  • Do not perform any cleaning or sanitising operations on the breast pump while it is operating or recharging. Cleaning and sanitising operations must be carried out in accordance with these instructions for use.
  • Clean and sanitise the silicone cushion, the pump body and the valve before each single use. Also, clean and sanitise the feeding bottle and its accessories, according to the instructions for the bottle.
  • Before each use, check that the membrane is not damaged: it must never be torn or cut. If it is torn or cut, do not use the appliance.
  • The appliance must be cleaned and dried thoroughly at the end of every operating cycle.
  • Do not wet the appliance or the USB cable or put them into water or other liquids and never place them under running water.
  • If the appliance is not going to be used for a prolonged period, it should be thoroughly cleaned and the batteries (if installed) removed before storing it in a clean and dry place away from light and heat sources and according to the storage and transport instructions.
  • The device was designed to only work with parts supplied in the original pack and with 150 ml capacity feeding bottles only.
  • The appliance must not be used continuously for more than 30 minutes. When you have finished using it, the appliance must be switched off for at least 30 minutes.


  • The lithium battery is not user-replaceable and in any case the use of a lithium battery other than the one supplied is not permitted.
  • It is recommended that you charge the product overnight when using it the first time.
  • Follow the instructions in the manual to properly charge the lithium battery.
  • To charge, connect the motor body to a PC using the USB cable. To reduce charging time, it is recommended to charge with the appliance switched off.
  • During charging with the USB cable inserted and the product switched off, the battery charging status will be indicated by the LED indicator lit with a steady white light, the fully charged status by the LED indicator lit with a steady blue light.
  • Recharging must be carried out only by means of a USB cable directly connected to a PC.
  • Do not charge the lithium battery when not in use.


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