Chicco Metal Cutlery Girl / Neutral 18M+ (Pink)


100% stainless steel cutlery is perfect for your little one to eat, just like the grown-ups! The absolute choice for them and ideal for their little hands and mouth.

Recommended Age: 18 Months +

Generic Name: Cutlery
Net Quantity: 2N
Country of Origin: China
Dimensions(in mm): L:218 x W:100 x H:15
Gross Weight (in gm): 62

Key features:
●    Stainless steel:- The premium-designed cutlery comes in full stainless steel that allows your little ones to eat as you do. They are created, making sure they fit your baby’s small mouths and grip hands. We are here to take the best care of your baby by ensuring the design of the product.
●    Ergonomic and easy-grip:- The cutlery comes in an ergonomic shape, and the plastic covering makes it easy for the baby to grip. Small, light and easy to hold, thoughtfully designed for baby’s little hands.
●    The perfect combo:- The cutlery set comes as an ideal combo of spoon and fork, making it look perfect for your baby. Attracts your little one to use it and eat just like adults. The fancy decorated combo lets them enjoy the meal moment.
●    BPA-free: the Chicco cutlery is BPA Free ensuring that your baby is not swallowing any harmful chemicals with the spoon.

Product description:-
Made of Stainless steel material, this cutlery has been specially designed for your little one to facilitate them to eat like grown-ups! They are super hygienic because stainless steel made. They are small, light, easy to grip, perfect for their little hands and mouth.

The Chicco cutlery comes as a perfect combo for your little one with 100% stainless steel that is completely safe for eating and isn’t sensitive to hot food. It has an ideal grip to ensure your baby properly holds it, and rounded edges ensure its safety for the baby while eating.

The cutlery is made sure that it fits the little one’s mouth without any difficulty. If your baby is 18 months plus, you must immediately order this product for a royal feast along with all the adults of your family.

Consumer benefits of choosing Chicco cutlery:-
●    Make Mealtime Fun Again! – Make mealtime fun for your little one’s with Chicco’s Metal cutlery. Metal cutlery has been designed considering the development milestones of the child at 18 months of age such that in addition to helping the child to eat like grown ups, it also helps in developing the motor skills of the child.

●    They are perfectly designed for those perfect little hands – Our goal is to make feeding easier for your baby! We made our little fork and spoon with soft and safe materials! The metal cutlery has an ergonomic design that fits well in child’s mouth. It will let them have food of their choice and understand the concept of using the cutlery. Once they master the use of the spoon, you can introduce them to the fork too.

●    Babies would love to have the food on their own as they grow up. The use of cutlery will encourage them and excite them to eat on their own. The colourful cutlery and pretty designs in which they attract the little ones.

●    The little spoon and fork are perfectly designed according to their age, and they would fit their mouth perfectly. The ergonomic design and the grip that the cutlery has got are perfect for handle and eat independently.

●    The ergonomic handle with raised inserts makes holding easier for babies.

●    Free of BPA

Good to know:
The weaning period marks an essential step for the child’s psychological, emotional and educational development. It is during this phase that new foods, new flavours, new textures and a new way of drinking and eating is initiated that leads to ever-increasing independence. Chicco accompanies the parents and the baby with a complete range of helpful, practical products, specially studied to meet his needs daily.

Chicco’s Metal cutlery has an ergonomic design, facilitates your little toddlers to eat like adults using a spoon and fork. They are super hygienic because stainless steel made. Chicco spoon and fork is free of BPA and is entirely safe for your baby. Easy to clean and maintain, Chicco’s Metal Cutlery is a must have for your active toddler.

In the Chicco family, there is nothing more important than safety. Chicco baby cutlery is designed, keeping all essential points in mind. Wherever someone is caring for a child, we are by their side.


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