Chicco Easy Meal Bib(3Pcs)Girl-6M+


Chicco Easy Meal Bibs is a Perfect fit for eating without getting dirty. Suitable from 6Months+ when babies start weaning.

Recommended Age: 6 Months+

Generic Name: Bib
Net Quantity: 3N
Country of Origin: India
Dimensions(in mm): L:230 x W:355 x H:20
Gross Weight (in gm): 112

Chicco Set of 3 Bibs is a collection of soft and absorbent cotton Bibs. The back of the bibs is waterproof to avoid staining the clothes. It is easy to use, thanks to its flexible neckband. The cute patterns illuminate baby food.

Features of Chicco Easy Meal Bibs:
• Soft Material – chicco bibs are made up of Soft and comfortable cotton absorbs food leaks and stains.
•Leak-proof Lining – Protect and keep your baby from drools/teething and dry from all dribbles and spit-ups. It is made of the highest quality cotton, lightweight and breathable. No more wet clothes!
Ideal for weaning time – Ultra-absorbent with three layers of soft cotton; Hold and soak the fluid, keeping clothing and skin free from spills, spitting, tooth decay, and saliva dripping. Cotton is a soft cloth. Thus, it is preferably used for children. Use these bibs during meals to keep your baby clean and tidy. The fabric of the baby bib is incredibly soft and sensitive to the baby’s skin.
• Shape – Ergonomic shape that makes life easier when dealing with the weaning process.
• Easy to wash – Easy to clean bibs, both machines washable and can be washed by hand.
• Pack of three- A functional 3-piece pack allows you to have a bib ready for your baby constantly.

Product Description:
The Chicco Easy Meal bibs set includes three colourful baby boys and baby girl bibs. These ultra-soft baby bibs come in three different coloured patterns. The Velcro closure makes them valuable and easy to wear and take off. However, the inner lining is not impermeable to protect your baby during its first feeding. Weaning Bibs contain soft cotton on the top to absorb food leaks and stains, and leak-proof lining at the back prevents food and drink from getting into clothes. In addition, it has an ergonomic shape that makes life a little easier while facing the weaning phase.

Customer’s benefits:
Children are beautiful creatures, and our love for them never fades. However, their cuteness and love for them cannot distract us because they are high maintenance and need special care.

●    Bib a small absorbent and soft cloth tied around the baby’s neck. It is the primary purpose of absorbing milk, baby drools, and dribbles. The clothes always remain safe, and your baby stays clean and dry.
●    Spit-outs can leave spots on your baby’s clothes and make them look unclean. A big bib will save your baby’s clothes and protect you from the hassle of cleaning and changing.
●    Using a bib will help keep the baby clean. It prevents dribbles from reaching the child’s front and contamination of clothing.
●    Baby bibs help prevent babies from pulling. Even if your child does not eat solid food, there is a chance that he or she will dribble. It is therefore advisable to have your child wear a bib.
●    Baby bibs are easy to clean.

Good to know:
Baby Bibs are an irreplaceable part of mealtimes because they help prevent mess and allow you to cook all the different foods your munchkin needs without having to worry about his clothes getting dirty. Once you have bought your baby a bib, there is no going back! Chicco offers you the best baby bibs and makes mealtimes a breeze for you and your baby.

The baby is the light of the parent’s eyes, and we at Chicco understand that every parent wants the best for their precious angel.
Chicco designs products of all different ranges for your babies. We can understand how much-worried parents are about their children.


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