Mee Mee Baby Rattle Gift Set (7 Pieces) | 100% Safe Baby Rattles


No happy feeling can compare to the one you feel while watching your baby laugh and play. Mee Mee Baby Rattle Set is designed to keep your baby occupied and entertained for hours together. Made from food grade, non-toxic acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic, each rattle is brightly coloured and decorated with smiling faces, beads and fun shapes to match your baby’s playful mood. Your baby will also learn the joy of rhythm. These toys are easy to store thus ensuring your baby always has company while travelling.


• Made of safe, non-toxic, FOOD GRADE plastic and paints for worry-free playing and easy cleaning

• Conforms with international & Indian standards of safety and hygiene. ISI certified.

• Rattles with different colours, textures, shapes and sounds to develop baby’s visual, auditory and tactile abilities

• Sized according to baby’s palm for easy holding, playing and for boosting hand-eye coordination

• Ergonomic design to strengthen baby’s grip and tactile aptitude.

• Easy to clean, store and carry when you travel

Care & specs:

• Quantity: 7 Rattle Toys

• Care: Before using the rattles for the first time, clean them using water and Mee Mee Liquid Cleanser. You can also wipe the toys with a wet cloth or Mee Mee Wet Wipes before and after every use to eliminate any health risk for your baby


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