Mee Mee Milk-Safe™ Steel Feeding Bottle with Anti-Colic Teat | Baby Feeding Bottle with Eazy-Flo Nipple™ | 250ml


A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Mee Mee Premium Steel Feeding Bottle gives your baby the most comfortable feeding experience with the right intake of feed and reduced air intake through its specially designed anti-colic nipple Mee Mee Eazy-Flo™ teat has a unique vented valve and in-built air chamber that eliminates air pockets and regulates the flow of milk. It helps to minimize colic, gas, spit up and fussiness and ensures happy bottle feeding experience.

This bottle is 250ml and equipped with a Large Flow teat for your growing baby’s food needs.


• Innovative Eazy Flo™ technology ensures minimum air intake and reduces colic.

• Made from non-toxic premium quality SS 304, food grade stainless steel for safety and durability.

• 100% soft, BPA free silicone teat, which is odourless and tasteless so that your baby tastes nothing but the feed.

• Perfectly fitted dome to shield the teat from dust, humidity and other harmful external conditions.

• Teat with air ventilation system to ensure minimum intake of air while feeding and prevent colic, gas and spitting the feed.

• Aids transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding when needed. Spill and leak proof.

• Multi-functional design for ease of use. Travel friendly – no leakage even when the bottle is tilted or being carried.

• All Mee Mee Feeding Bottles are certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

Care & specs:

• Important to Remember: Parental supervision during feeding time is strongly recommended. Ensure baby does not carry the bottle to bed for a long time. Do not allow the child to run or play with feeding bottles. Avoid feeding your baby liquids containing sugar to prevent tooth decay from an early age.

• Check the teat for signs of wear and tear. In case you notice any cracks, replace the teat immediately. Do not attempt to enlarge hole on the teat as this will cause tearing.

• To Use: Sterilise the feeding bottle by boiling for 3 minutes prior to first use. Allow parts to thoroughly cool to room temperature before giving to baby. After each use, wash with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and store in a clean, dry place. For best results and to help avoid damage, clean with Mee Mee bottle brushes & Mee Mee Liquid Cleanser. Top-rack, dishwasher-safe.


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