An age-old technique for obtaining oil from various seeds and nuts is the wooden press method. Without the use of any chemicals or advanced technology, it is a conventional and natural method of obtaining oil. In this post, we’ll talk about how to make oil using a wooden press, from gathering and growing the seeds to pressing the oil.

Harvesting and Cultivating Seeds:

Planting and Harvesting the Seeds: Planting and harvesting the seeds is the first step in producing wooden press oil. Sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, and other types of seeds are among those that are used to extract oil. Local farmers can provide these seeds, or you can buy them from seed wholesalers.

The seeds must first be acquired, then they must be washed and sorted. This procedure includes cleaning the seeds of any debris, dirt, or foreign matter. The seeds can be planted after being cleaned. They must be properly watered, fertilized, and pest-controlled because they are sown in fields or nurseries.

It is time to harvest the seeds once they have reached maturity. Plants must be cut or pods must be gathered, and the seeds must be removed as part of the harvesting process. Afterwards, the seeds are either mechanically dried or dried outside in the sun.

Wooden Press Extraction:

Extraction by Wooden Press: After the seeds are collected and dried, they are prepared for oil extraction. An old-fashioned tool for extracting oil is the wooden press. The base and the press are two component sections, both of which are made of wood.

The seeds are ground into a fine powder using a pestle and mortar as the first stage in the extraction process. The press is then covered with a cloth that has been placed on top of the powder. The press is then set on the base, and pressure is applied using a weight or a wooden lever.

Wood pressed Oil is extracted from the seeds as pressure is applied, and it gathers in a container placed beneath the press. Up until all of the oil has been extracted from the seeds, the procedure is repeated multiple times.

Filtering and Storing:

When the oil has been extracted, it must be filtered to get rid of any impurities or leftover particles, and it must also be stored. Oil is poured through a filter or a piece of cloth to do this.

Then, a dry, clean container is used to store the filtered oil. As they don’t react with the oil and maintain their original flavour and scent, hardwood or glass containers make excellent storage options for wooden press oil.


In summary, obtaining oil from different seeds and nuts using a wooden press is a classic and natural process. There are no chemicals or sophisticated equipment needed for this straightforward and efficient procedure. The procedure includes gathering and raising seeds, obtaining oil through a wooden press, purifying it, and storing it. The natural flavour and perfume of wooden press oil are well-known, and it is frequently used in cooking and as a home cure for various illnesses.

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