Chicco Classic Breast Pump


The Chicco Classic breast pump is easy to use. It allows a quick and practical expression of milk.

Recommended Age: 0 Month+

Generic Name: Breast Pump
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: Italy
Dimensions(in mm): L:150 x W:86 x H:211
Gross Weight (in gm): 283

The new Chicco Classic breast pump is a NaturalFeeling Manual Breast Pump, an ideal solution for new-age mothers for long-lasting and peaceful breastfeeding. In addition, the Chicco Classic Breast Pump is advantageous for all lactating mothers suffering tremendous pain while breastfeeding their babies.

New-borns need plenty of nutrients to keep developing physically, mentally, and emotionally after their birth. It is difficult for a mother to breastfeed the baby from time to time. Thus, Chicco natural feeding manual breast pumps are a good option for all mothers to help them feed their babies.

Product Features:

Gentle & delicate expression: Chicco Classic Breast Pump is designed in a manner that ensures maximum delicacy and avoids any nipple tractions whether you operate the pump more or less quickly. It is easy to use and provides a gentle and comfortable breastfeeding experience.
Complete Package: The Chicco pumps for lactating mothers can also feed the baby directly from the feeding bottle. Chicco classic breast pump provides a handy baby bottle ready for use. You can feed your baby with breast milk right away by applying it to the bottle. The ring and teat are included in the pack. This Chicco Classic Breast Pump is made from high-quality plastic and rubber, which is entirely safe for you and your little one.
Expression intensity control: The Chicco breast pump comes with a suction rate control system. It has an advanced system that helps regulate the pump’s speed depending on a mother’s requirement. It makes the pump work faster or slower as per your need. The breast pump is white-coloured. It helps in the easy extraction of milk without causing the mother any pain. The breast pump is also equipped with a comfortable breast shield that helps in extracting the milk properly.
Easy to assemble and use anytime: The device consists of small parts that are very easy to make and sterilize. It benefits a mother to decide on a schedule that works for her and pumps milk when necessary based on that schedule. A mother can control the time of feedings that facilitate a return to work and potentially free up more time. All the devices that compose the breast pump are made of excellent quality material. The breast shield and the feeding bottle are easy to sterilize and clean with the help of hot water and a brush.

Product Description:

Chicco Classic Breast Pump

New moms can ensure babies complete nourishment even if they are not around. With the help of the Chicco Classic Breast Pump, you can easily express and store breast milk.

Chicco Classic breast pump is a Manual Breast Pump which is:
Compatible: Chicco Classic Manual Breast Pump is the best breast pump you will get in the market, designed to help mothers experience breastfeeding for the longest time and in the most relaxing way possible. It provides comfort and practicality for mothers and wellbeing for babies such that both mother and baby can enjoy this unique bond
Double Use: The milk container can also be used as a feeding bottle to feed your baby with the natural feeling of the teat.
Included Teat: It consists of a natural feeling angled teat.
Soft Silicon cover: It has a soft silicone cover that is delicate on the skin. It prevents painful tugging on the nipples. In addition, the device provides gentle and soothing extraction.
Ergonomic cover: The manual breast pump uses a comfortable air pumping system to express breast milk painlessly. It provides easy grip and prevents fatigue. The device’s suction rate control system helps the pump operate faster or slower according to your needs. In addition, the device’s parts are easy to assemble and sterilize.

Consumer Benefits:

Chicco Classic Breast Pump is helpful when :

●    It would be best if you pulled out flat nipples or inverted nipples.
●    It would be best if you fed your child while you go out for a short period.
●    You are in pain and pressure of engorgement. You are not able to breastfeed.
●    You are willing to begin lactating after you have stopped breastfeeding.
●    You want to establish a milk supply for an adopted baby.
●    To increase your milk supply.
●    Allow the partner or a family member to feed the baby when you need a break.
●    You are unable to feed the baby directly due to breast surgery or a health issue.

Tips on how to collect Breast Milk Using A Pump:

New moms do not know how to use a breast pump. Here are some tips on using a breast pump.
●    Keep your back straight and lie comfortably.
●    Place your nipple at the centre of the funnel, and support your breast to aid this.
●    It usually takes some time for the milk to flow correctly.
●    Switch to the second breast when the flow slows down on the first breast and vice versa. You can stop when the flow slows down for both breasts at the same time.
●    Wash the breast pump with warm soapy water, rinse and dry after each use.


Breastfeeding provides a variety of health and developmental benefits to your baby. However, every mother has to go through experiencing breastfeeding. It isn’t easy to breastfeed the baby at any time, any, and any place. Breast pumps are ideal for all situations where mothers cannot feed the baby themselves. A breast pump extracts milk from the breast, through the nipple, by stimulating milk production. There are various types of breast pumps available in the market, e.g., manual breast pumps, electric breast pumps, etc.


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