Chicco training cup 6m+


Chicco Training Cup – Encourages the child to drink on his own. Ideal for gradually stimulating the child to start drinking on his own.

Recommended Age: 6 Months+

Generic Name: Sipper Cup
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: China
Dimensions(in mm): L:125 x W:80 x H:140
Gross Weight (in gm): 112

This Chicco Training cup is meant for your little one to stimulate him to drink alone gradually.
It has a Semi-soft, spout that is resistant to bites, and it is an Ergonomically designed cup with removable handles to adapt to the child’s needs. The shape of the spout helps in proper lip alignment and it is slightly off-centre that helps in maintaining correct neck posture.

Product Features:
●    Ergonomic shape & design of Spout: It has a semi-soft bite-resistant spout; the fixture’s body helps incorrect the child’s lips and lets him drink with ease.
●    Positioning of the institution: The Spout is positioned closer to the edge of the cup for giving a correct posture to the child’s neck while drinking.
●    Spill-proof: The spill-proof system in the cup lets the baby enjoy his drink comfortably without soiling his clothes.
●    Easy-grip – Removable Handles: Chicco Training cup has removable, easy-grip handles ideal for developing the child’s motor skills.
●    BPA Free: The Chicco Training Cup is made of BPA Free material for maximum safety & hygiene.

Product Description:
Chicco Baby Training Cup 6M+ with Semi-Soft Spout is bite-resistant and can withstand teething! It’s the ideal cup for teaching little ones to drink independently, thanks to the shape and design of the spout that helps in proper lip positioning. This spill-proof cup also helps to keep things clean. Gentle sipping unlocks the flow of liquid through a reversible lever, allowing you to turn the cup upside down and around without spilling a drop of baby’s favourite beverage. The handles are removable and offer easy grip for holding by little hands.
Also, the material of the cup is BPA Free that takes care of the baby’s health and safety.

Consumer benefits:
●    Semi-Soft Spout is gentle on child’s gums while also being resistant to bites.
●    The non-slip handles are removable and are made to suit the tiny hands of your baby.
●    There are Markings scales present on the baby cup for monitoring the liquid intake of the baby.
●    When not in use, the Snap-On cap holds the nozzle clean and protects it from catching any bacteria.
●    This product is also compact– there are just a few parts to clean.
●    This cup is popular among parents because of its easy use. The material it has been made from gives the security that your baby is safe from any harmful plastic material.
It is BPA free which makes it safe and healthy to use with babies.
●    It has a removable easy sip valve, patented to guarantee the anti-drop seal of the cup without compromising the ease of drinking of the child.
About Chicco cups:
We at Chicco believe in delivering you the best products for your little ones. Hence, we have designed products that suit your and your baby’s needs as well. We know how hard it is for a parent because parenting comes with a lot of responsibilities. Therefore, we are here with you on every step to act as a helping hand and smoothen your beautiful journey. With its offering of the Training Cup, Chicco makes this journey a memorable one for the parents and babies. Training Cup 6M+ helps the babies to start learning to drink on their own.
Chicco Sippy Cup for babies has been specifically designed, keeping in mind the needs of the young ones across different developmental milestones or age groups. All Chicco cups/baby sippers have been ergonomically designed to help the baby gradually transition from sucking to drinking, stimulating him to develop new skills and respecting his abilities and preferences. These baby cups from Chicco are available in beautiful decorations, are 100% spill-proof, and have detachable comfortable grip handles that make drinking more accessible and fun. Grab one for your little one now!


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