The Throw Back Of 2023

In the beginning, the pages of the year turned with an innocence akin to the opening chapters of a cherished novel. Each day was a sentence, and every month a new chapter, gradually shaping a narrative that would be eternally imprinted on the parchment of my heart. The people who waltzed through those days, their silhouettes, and whispers, have become characters in the grand epic of my life.

Lets dive into the yester-year, which just passed by today yet makes a lot of difference in each life of an individual throwing back a lot of memories made and a billion of chaos dealt in silence, though we bound each other in the name of humanity, together we aren’t able to stand tall to the wars of the same blood homo -sapiens nor the weather of their sick  minds with the bloodshed and the environmental natural disasters.

The passing year holds lot of memories and grieves, come let’s have a quick read through our 2023.So dear readers, join me into the journey through the corridors of retrospection into the glimpses of our passing year.

 The year sprang opened with the beauty pageant of Miss Universe 2023 in January, with Sheynnis Palacios being the first woman to win the crown for Nicaragua, of 72nd Miss Universe Pageant. The woman who brought hope and lead her country with proud ahead.

Followed by the disastrous natural calamities, tropical cyclone Freddy kills 679 in Malawi  during the month  of March, hundreds of people were being killed in Congo when floods hit the Democratic Republic on May, followed by an earth quake which shook Afghanistan killing at least 1480 in the month of October and drowning the dreams of Tamil Nadu people in India where floods have happen to visit frequently destroying the peace and havocking the homes of thousands and sailing their cars in the pools of flooding water. Network issues make the situation a little worst in so called 21st century, yet these natural calamities remind its presence in the form of destruction.

We always are bound to our passion as humans, so we keep ourselves alive around sports, one of the world’s favourite and most watched game being the Cricket, on 19th of November at  Ahmedabad, where India vs Australia was cherished among the viewers of all ages which broke many hearts of the fans of India as the Australian captain Pat Cummins received the award from our Honourable prime minister, Narendra Modi for the International  world Cup Cricket Match of 2023 by defeating India to win a record extending sixth world cup title. 

The Women FIFA Football match hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand, played in the stadium Australia in Sydney on 20th of August 2023.Spain won the final 1-0, through the goal from Olga Carmona. She proudly celebrated her goal by lifting her shirt to show that she had ‘Merchi’ written on her compression top.

Science and scientific inventions are a boon to the mankind at the same time if not used with caution will destroy the world and this is an example of the wars of the international conflict causing chaos and leaving thousands homeless and peaceless in the world we live where medically thousands get buried and burnt for cancer and aids. Why are we taking this into our hands for granted, in the name of civil wars and being dumb to the cries and the blood shed of the very own mankind in the name of religion and international conflicts. Russia – Ukraine war, Israel – Hamas conflict.

Science while used for the savour of the mankind, we can accomplish heights in the name of Chandrayaan -3mission, yes! India scripted history on 23rd of August with the monumental success of the ISRO [Indian Space Research Organisation] ambitious Chandrayaan -3 mission.

81% likely to set a record year for global warming. Climate change persisted as a formidable issue, casting a shadow on the record-breaking heat. Monarch butterflies get extra lift from spots on their wings, Hibernating bears do not get blood clots. Asp caterpillars venom punches holes in cell walls. Some crustaceans have shiny eyes that help them hide from predators. These breakthroughs today can inspire the technology of tomorrow.

In bidding farewell to the bygone year, let us carry forward the lessons learnt and the memories cherished, the hopes nurtured. For, in the ceaseless rhythm of time, each conclusion begets a new beginning. As we turn the page to the next chapter, may we do so with the pen of resilience in hand, ready to script a narrative that resonates with purpose, passion, and the unwavering belief in the possibilities of a new dawn.

Come let’s open a doorway through which we step, not as passive observers of fate but as active architects of our destinies.

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