Chicco Humidifier – Humi HOT Advance (0m+)


Ideal against seasonal illnesses. It creates the best conditions for your baby’s health and well-being by improving air quality for breathing for the baby and the entire family. Specially designed for babies of 0 months and above.

Recommended Age: 0 Month+

Generic Name: Humidifier
Net Quantity: 1N
Country of Origin: China
Dimensions(in mm): L:265 x W:265 x H:260
Gross Weight (in gm): 2150
Shelf Life: 6 Months

The Humi Hot Advance humidifier helps restore the correct humidity, preventing your baby from coughs and colds. It spreads a healthier vapor and helps relieve respiratory problems. The hot steam helps to loosen the mucus and moisturizes the mucous membranes, thus helping your baby breathe better.

Key features of the product:-

1.    Breathe Right & Sleep Comfortably: A correct level of humidity restored in the home environment helps to reduce the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, dust particulates, etc. That may cause respiratory inflammations in children and adults, thus enhancing the quality of air indoors.
2.    Relieves nasal congestion and cough:- Helps maintain a moist environment in the room, which is essential to sustain the natural protective functions of the nasal mucosa and respiratory tracts. Thus, relieving any symptoms of congestion, sore throat, or dry skin, etc.
3.    Healthier steam:- It provides more beneficial moisture for the baby & the entire family. The Chicco humidifier will help all of you to be healthy and fit. The internal repair of the body will ensure your healthy respiratory system and healthy mucous.
4.    Automatic Shutdown:- At the end of each cycle, it shuts off on its own. You don’t need to worry about switching off the humidifier if you fall asleep, as it comes with a fully automatic shut down system.
5.    Long duration:- More than 7 hours of functioning. It helps you to be carefree. The bigger tank makes it easy to last for longer hours.
6.    Container for essences:- It allows you to insert the essence of your choice. The key feature will enable you spread the smell all around the room and make it pleasant.

Consumer benefits of using the Humi Hot Advance humidifier:-

Indoor air quality is a vital factor in the home when it comes to the breathability of air. If this level falls over a certain level, it will result in the development of respiratory problems. It would help if you used the Chicco humidifier because
●    By maintaining the correct level of humidity, Chicco Humidifier helps to reduce the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, dust particulates, etc., in the surrounding air that may cause respiratory inflammations in children and adults.
●    Dry air in winters can cause so many health problems for kids and adults, like nasal infection, sore throat, dry skin, cracked lips, and breathing issues in some cases. Chicco Humi Hot Advance humidifier keeps the indoor environment moist and perfectly breathable, relieving any symptoms caused by dry air.
●    Chicco humidifiers are easy to install and operate. It will take no time and will give you the maximum benefits.
●    It comes with a big water tank which will keep the humidifier going for about 7 hours. It is not going to disturb your sleep.
●    The unique feature that will benefit you is the automatic shutdown system; the electricity will not be wasted and will shut down as the cycle completes on its own.
●    There is also a container for essences, and you can make your home pleasant by adding your favourite stuff into it.

Good to know:

An environment with the right humidity level helps maintain the natural protective functions of the nasal mucosa and respiratory tracts, ensuring the best possible conditions for your baby’s well-being. Hot humidifiers heat up the water and spread healthier steam, restoring the ideal humidity level in the room. Chicco humidifiers for babies help restore the right level of humidity in the room, thereby reducing the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and respiratory inflammations in children, keeping them healthy.

Our Chicco Humi Hot Advance humidifier moisturizes the mucous, helps loosen mucus and helps the baby to breathe better. It’s ideal for big rooms and not so warm. Has relatively easy installation procedure and is easy to use.  All you need to care about while taking it out is maintaining the water level and cleaning the filter regularly, as this is one of the most needed processes.

Essential tips for using a Chicco humidifier:-

●    Keeping track of the humidity levels is crucial as too much humidity may harm you and your baby. Excess moisture may make it difficult for breathing and may cause allergies. It is advised to have humidity levels between 30-50%, but more than 60% may become difficult.
●    The humidifier should be cleaned regularly to ensure healthy and safe environment
●    Make sure you keep the humidifier out of reach of your children to avoid any mishaps.
●    Always follow the guidelines and instructions issued by Chicco to have a better user experience.

The Chicco humidifier helps your baby to avoid colds and flu. In the winter months, when the humidity levels are not too high, it makes it standardized. The dry air may cause the mucous to become dry and thick, leading to the clogging of the nasal passages, but with Chicco Humidifier you can keep your little one and your family healthy.


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