Dabur Baby Powder


Dabur Baby Refreshing Powder is enriched with baby loving ayurvedic herbs and has been carefully crafted for pure and gentle skin of babies. Enriched with Khus extract and Oat Com Powder keeps baby’s skin cool and fresh. It also has Amba Haldi which is known for its anti-irritant properties and shields baby’s skin from rashes and also contains Olive oil and Almond Oil which helps provide gentle nourishment to baby’s skin and keeps it soft & moisturized.

  • The Candid Powder for fungal infection treatment caused by moisture and sweat can be used
  • Prevents itching in the underarms, waistline, inner thighs and feet
  • Helps with itching in intimate body parts
  • Keeps the body dry and clean which helps in preventing fungal infections
  • Relieves skin irritation like rashes, swelling and redness


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