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  • Lowers bad cholesterol, good for heart health.
  • Rich in protein, fibre, and essential nutrients.
  • Promotes healthy bones.
  • Boosts immunity with antioxidants.
  • Aids in weight management by reducing hunger and promoting satiety.
  • Raw  Cashews 240, also known as Munthiri Paruppu in South India, is a type of cashew nut that is renowned for its delicate flavour and crunchy texture. These cashews are considered to be the best quality cashews available in the market, as they are carefully selected and processed to ensure their superior quality.
  • One of the unique features of Raw Cashews 240 is its size. They are larger than the average cashew nut and have a distinctive curved shape. This makes them ideal for snacking and for use in a variety of dishes, from savoury to sweet.
  • Fresh Cashew 240 is harvested from the cashew tree, which is native to Brazil but is now widely cultivated in many tropical regions around the world. The cashews are carefully handpicked and then processed to remove the outer shell and the toxic oil that surrounds the nut. This process helps to ensure the freshness and quality of the cashews.
  • Fresh Cashew 240 is a rich source of protein, fibre, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories, making them an excellent snack choice for those watching their weight.
  • Overall, Fresh Cashew 240 is a premium quality cashew nut that is perfect for snacking, cooking, and baking. Whether you are looking to add some crunch to your salad, make a creamy cashew sauce, or just enjoy a handful of nuts as a snack, Fresh Cashew 240 is the perfect choice for you.

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