Fried Groundnuts – A Tasty Treat for Snacking and Cooking (250 g)

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  • Crispy and savoury fried peanuts
  • Delicious ground nuts for snacking or cooking.
  • Unique and tasty flavour.
  • perfect for any occasion.

Our crispy fried peanuts are the perfect snack for those who crave a savoury and crunchy treat. We use high-quality raw groundnuts that are carefully fried to perfection, giving them a unique and delicious flavour. These peanuts are a great snack for any occasion and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Our deliciously fried ground nuts are perfect for snacking or using in your cooking. These nuts are fried to a crispy texture, making them a tasty addition to any dish. They have a rich, nutty flavour that complements a variety of foods. Try them in your stir-fry or sprinkle them over your salad for an extra crunch.


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